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      액티브 노이즈 캔슬링


      진정한 무선 이어폰


      액티브 노이즈 캔슬링


      진정한 무선 이어폰

      정밀한 사운드

      Designed with the latest Bluetooth v5.1 and 12mm drivers 페어링 AAC 코덱 to deliver powerful sounding bass, while maintaining the precision of the mids and highs for an immersive listening experience.


      Focus on the music with ANC mode

      Turn on ANC Mode (Active Noise Cancelling) to switch the world off so you can focus on your music in silence. ANC Mode is made to cancel out unwanted ambient noise such as the sound of an engine during your flight or daily commute.

      액티브 노이즈 캔슬링

      주변 소음 듣기 모드

      Audio Transparency Mode amplifies the sound around your surroundings such as telecom announcements or traffic signals while you are on the move during your daily commutes, workouts and other activities for added safety. Audio Transparancy Mode is also great for carrying conversation while you have your earphones on.

      Amplifies the sound around your surroundings

      Long Lasting Comfort

      Ergonomically designed for comfort and long listening sessions during your travels and commutes because we know music is what keeps you going.

      Lasts All Day

      The SYNC ANC provides up to 5.5 시간 of battery on one single charge and a total playtime of 최대 25 시간 with USB-C Charging Case (Up to 5 hours on one single charge and 22 hours playtime with ANC On)

      Never Lost

      A luxury SOUL branded carabiner is included with your SYNC ANC so you can hang it on your bags or belt loop for easy access and it will always be by your side.

      No More Hassle

      Your earphones will pair to your preferred device right out of the charging case. (After initial pairing) and they are controlled by touch for mode switching, play/pause, pick up/end calls, change tracks and volume control.

      Works with Siri
      Google 어시스턴트와 호환
      Auto Pairing & Touch Control


      $ 99.99

      A new class of true wireless with active noise cancellation, audio transparency mode, ergonomic fit and comfort. The SYNC ANC is packed with technology that will make you feel the music that is meant to be heard in style and silence.