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          SOUL x Special Needz Coffee
          As a headphones company we are at the core of uniting music and people together. Music has a significant effect on individuals with autism and individuals with mental health conditions.

          For individuals with autism, it can encourage communicative behavior and interaction with others, which is something that they have a great difficulty with. Noise sensitivity is also something they face--our headphones have noise cancelling features that help to reduce this to make their day to day life more enjoyable.

          Many people also turn to music to help manage their mental health. Music can significantly increase someone’s mood, motivation and performance. It can also reduce stress, depression and pain.

          In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Enjoy 10% off your SOUL purchase:


          이미지 1

          We donated about 20 headphones to Special Needz Coffee staff members during Autism Awareness month.

          이미지 2

          Special Needz Coffee and SOUL S-NANO earbuds.

          이미지 3

          Christine showing off her new S-NANO earbuds.

          이미지 4

          Ashley (grey) and Christine (red) pose with their coffee and new headphones.

          이미지 5

          Our digital marketing team member, Jenae, visited Special Needz Coffee to drop off headphones and try their coffee. Pictured here are some of the SNC staff members.