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          Ultra Portable True Wireless Earphones

          액티브 노이즈 캔슬링


          진정한 무선 이어폰

          무료 개인화

          For a Limited Time only, you will be able to personalize your S-NANO at no extra charge.

          Our Most Portable True Wireless Yet

          We put our engineers to the task to create the most portable yet powerful true wireless product and they delivered. Our smallest true wireless product ever created. Small in size, big on sound is an understatement for the S-NANO. Feel the powerful, clear sound with optimized noise isolation for a fun and active listening experience.

          Small in Size, Big in Color

          Available in 6 trending colors that reflect your style and mood, choose between Black, Blue, Peach, Lime, Yellow and Frost.

          종일 플레이

          5.5 Hours of playtime on a single charge, the ultra portable charging case still allows you to recharge your S-NANO over 3 times and keeps you moving for up to 24 hours.

          Up to 24 hrs
          오디오 투명도 켜기

          주변 소음 듣기 모드

          Audio Transparency Mode amplifies the sound around your surroundings such as telecom announcements or traffic signals while you are on the move during your daily commutes, workouts and other activities for added safety. Audio Transparancy Mode is also great for carrying conversation while you have your earphones on.

          Amplifies the sound around your surroundings

          손쉬운 사용

          Your earphones will pair to your preferred device right out of the charging case. (After initial pairing) and they are controlled by touch for mode switching, play/pause, pick up/end calls, change tracks.

          절대 분실되지 않음

          A luxury SOUL branded carabiner is included with your S-NANO so you can hang it on your bags or belt loop for easy access and it will always be by your side.

          S-NANO | BLACK

          Ultra Portable True Wireless Earphones

          $69.99 USD

          Portability Redefined. True wireless the way it should be, sleek in size, lightweight and compact. The S-NANO also comes in multiple colorways to brighten up your music experience. The smallest true wireless we’ve ever created without sacrificing sound.

          Black NANO